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TYPO3 Outsourcing and the benefit of making it CSR conform

Dominik Stankowski
Author Description:
Dominik Stankowski has studied software engineering (FH diploma) in Switzerland and has worked in the Web development field for several years before transitioning to Cambodia where he has been involved in TYPO3 outsourcing with the Social Enterprise "Yejj" for 2 years.
He has founded his own TYPO3 outsourcing company called "Web Essentials" in Cambodia in April 2010 with which he is going to take social outsourcing to the next level of proficiency and impact.
He is leading a team of 12 Web developers and business analysts and has successfully provided outsourcing services to TYPO3 companies in Europe while making a social impact in Cambodia through employment and capacity development.
Outsourcing is a reality in today‘s global markets and brings many benefits to clients, such as faster deliveries, cost cuts, access to specialised skills, flexibility and elimination of peak staffing problems. However, an outsourcing provider needs to be chosen carefully. Trust, quality and social responsibility should be major components of a successful outsourcing experience.
Today consumers, investors, governments and even employees have become more sophisticated and more aware of good corporate behaviour, or lack thereof. In this new business environment, a company's reputation has become one of its most valuable assets, including Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), which has become one of the key components of corporate reputation.
The aim of this presentation is to have a closer look at outsourcing practices, combined with CSR, within the TYPO3 community. It will provide an understanding of outsourcing trends. First: are TYPO3 companies outsourcing their development and if yes, where to? Secondly: what are the benefits and the problems related to outsourcing for them? Thirdly: how can good outsourcing and social responsibility work together?
Thereafter, the presentation will look at components which make outsourcing successful for those TYPO3 companies. In the light of his own experience, the author will show that transparent outsourcing can benefit a TYPO3 company's reputation if complimented with socially responsibility.
The presentation will furthermore point out how ethical outsourcing can benefit the TYPO3 community as such while making an impact in countries where TYPO3 has yet to evolve.
Intended audience are individuals and companies interested in making a social impact using their everyday business and (yet to become) outsourcing providers and givers.
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