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Seamless corporate blog integration into TYPO3 websites

Lina Wolf (ehemals Ourima)
Author Description:
I first saw the internet in 1995. At that time I was 14 and the internet was not very useful yet – at least so I thought. But since I went online 1998 I was fascinated.

2006 right after finishing my studies I was extracting thermodynamically calculations from excel-sheets engineers had programmed. The job was interesting; nevertheless I was on fire when I first learned about TYPO3. I used my free time to get into it, was working with a SEO for a while and decided to make my hobby a profession.

I was holding several lectures in German-Speaking TYPO3 Camps and will now for the first time hold a speech on an official TYPO3 event.

My role models regarding public lectures are Jochen Weiland and Garr Reynolds, author of „Zen Presentations“
When a seamless integration of a corporate blog into a company website is required using a TYPO3 Extension might be a better solution the wordpress. This way the technological gaps between different Content-Management Systems can be prevented.
Today there are two widespread solutions for blog integration into TYPO3: The traditional solution of combining tt_news with a commenting system (with or without timtab) versus the 2008 newly developed full-service extension t3blog.
In the presentations both methods will be presented and compared regarding amount of time spent for design integration, robustness, customisability, usability for back-end and front-end users as well as search-engine-optimisation.
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