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TYPO3 Scalability for high traffic sites

Dan Osipov
Author Description:
Dan Osipov has over 12 years of web development, graphic design, as well as system architecture and application development experience. He has worked on various multipurpose sites, including e-commerce, educational, informational, and dynamic news sites. For the last 4 years, he has worked in the media industry, designing and maintaining an online presence for journals and newspapers.

While at Calkins Media, he worked on using TYPO3 as the CMS system powering high traffic, dynamic news sites, like phillyBurbs.com and Timesonline.com. He is also a member of the Digital Asset Management team, focused on the development of the DAM extension for TYPO3. Recently he finished "TYPO3 4.3 Multimedia Cookbook" published by Packt.
This presentation will cover scalability and high availability as they apply to TYPO3. Basic goal for both of these is to create a system that is capable of serving web requests all the time, regardless of traffic or failures.
Material for this presentation will be based on experience gained from working on phillyburbs.com CMS migration to TYPO3 over the past 2 years.
Today’s websites can go viral very quickly if they have quality content or engage their users. This is an issue for web administrators who need to plan resources ahead of time for supporting a certain level of traffic. Overprovisioning – buying significantly more resources to accommodate traffic spikes is very expensive. Full page caching is only effective for mostly static sites.
Websites built on TYPO3 are typically very dynamic, and resource intensive. Yet they too can be scaled effectively to accommodate a lot of traffic and sustain failures without failing to deliver.
Topics to be covered:
• Differences between vertical scaling and horizontal scaling
• Application scaling & high availability
o Load balancing
o Caching
• DB scaling
o Sharding
o Replication with failover
• File scaling
o Using network file system (NFS)
o Using content delivery network (CDN)
• Cloud computing – EC2 answer to scaling to load
Target Audience:
Target OS:
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