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Achieving Advanced Web Presence with TYPO3

Hercules Karvasonis, Christine Gerpheide
Today Advanced Web Presence (AWP) is an integral part of creating successful websites. This presentation hopes to demonstrate that TYPO3 can be used to not only meet, but surpass today's diverse and challenging business requirements in the web and interactive media worlds. We at customedialabs Interactive Media Agency have been developing customized web solutions for ten years now using exclusively TYPO3. In this presentation we would like to showcase how we have utilized techniques including significant web services integration, full flash and other rich user interfaces, and innovative BE record management, to achieve a best-in-class AWP for our clients. Case studies will include the Museum of Science and Industry Chicago’s SmartVisit, Wyeth Insight Reports Viewer, and our agency web presence, each of which is leveraging TYPO3 heavily. All this has been done while still taking advantage of core TYPO3 concepts, such as MVC programming to keep our extensions clean and extendable, content and code reuse at the highest degree possible, and customized client and editor backend interfaces to create the optimum editing experience according to our clients’ needs. We hope that listeners will come away with the impression that TYPO3 is the ideal CMS for developing rich web experiences that meet all of their needs, just as our clients have!
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