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Caretaker - TYPO3 monitoring

Thomas Hempel
Author Description:
Thomas Hempel works as full time TYPO3 developer for n@work in Hamburg/Germany. He is co-founder of the TYPO3 usergroup Hamburg and still an active member.
He also is one half on the TYPO3 Developer Days organization team which does the job for the 3rd time in a row in 2010.
Thomas Hempel is also one of the first active bloggers who wrote about TYPO3 and actually used TYPO3 as blogging system. This project is currently on hold but will hopefully relaunched very soon.
Beside all these things he is trying to come to all events (beside the snowboard tour) and give something back to the community. He is core developer and leader of or involved in various smaller and larger projects like F3PR (FLOW3 Package Repository) and - of course - caretaker.
TYPO3 as CMS is a great system. You can realize very complex systems and it's pretty hard to find a use-case that can't be realized with it.
That is of course nice, but what happens when a project is finished? Maybe the customer takes over the responsibility but in most cases it will be done by the agency, right? It's not big problem to check a single TYPO3 installation for insecure extensions or invalid users etc. But what if you have 30, 50 or even 100 installations to look at?
For server systems, the monitoring solution "Nagios" is very popular. It checks an unlimited number of systems for defined general conditions on a regular base. If something goes wrong on such a monitored system, Nagios will send some notification to an administrator for example.
There is no such a system for TYPO3 installations. Sure, you could define some user scripts for Nagios, which will then check various TYPO3 stuff. But that is very complicated to manage on the one hand and can't solve every problem you might want to check.
We came up with a very neat solution for this problem. The solution is called caretaker and gives you the power to monitor all your TYPO3 installation all over the world. Everything is administrated on a central server.
The talk will show you what the caretaker package can actually do for you and who it can help you to keep all your installations save and working.
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